Language, conflict styles, communication are key to getting along at the office

Posted on August 03, 2018
Language, conflict styles, communication are key to getting along at the office

Diana Kawarsky portraitThe ability to influence, persuade and communicate with people in a positive way is one of the keys to success in any business or professional environment. In the highly interactive course, Interpersonal Skills for Healthy Work Relationships, led by facilitator Diana Kawarsky, participants get the opportunity to master critical skills required for building and maintaining productive and profitable work relationships.

The proof that it works shows in the post-course comments from participants, who rave about the way Diana uses those same skills in presenting the material and in the way in which they retained key learning points, voicing them in the remarks.

When asked what lessons they found most memorable, the participants’ comments were detailed and specific, proving how effective communication truly helps build effective and high-trust organizations. Here’s a sample of what they said:

  • Awareness of body language, use of diminishing words, learning my conflict-mode profile and communication style
  • Ability to identify different styles and how to deal with them
  • My style – how to work with and appreciate other styles
  • De-personalize. Excellent! Entertaining! Relevant!

When it comes to rating the instructor, this latest cohort of Schulich ExecEd graduates raved about Diana and how she practices what she preaches:

  • Best Facilitator Ever!!!
  • Diana was a great presenter and I fully understood the content, which I will be implementing
  • Enjoyed how interactive the program was. It was up beat and went at a great pace!
  • Very knowledgeable!
  • The facilitator was fabulous!!! Gave unselfishly of herself all three days — energetic and humorous. Really enjoyed my time with her. Went by too quickly.
  • I enjoyed it from start to end. She tailored the learnings to the class objectives. Diana is a great program conductor. She makes me want to take more Schulich courses

When asked what they liked best about the course, participants were able to demonstrate their newfound skill in communicating:

  • Working together!
  • I deal with all work styles at my company and with what I learned over the three days, I will now have the tools to better our work relationships.
  • My goal from this program was to grow as a leader and expand my skill set with communication skills. This program has given me better comfort to go back and deal with different types of issues and personalities. I would highly recommend this program.

Interpersonal Skills for Healthy Work Relationships is a three-day program that runs again in February 2019. In addition to the skills participants take from it, the program also awards 21 PMI Professional Development Units (PDUs) and 21 HRPA Continuing Professional Development hours to help maintain your designations. Learn more about this popular program. Visit the program website today.