Learn Lean to Make Your Product or Service Ready for a Post-Pandemic Market

Posted on March 15, 2021
Learn Lean to Make Your Product or Service Ready for a Post-Pandemic Market

As businesses prepare for economic recovery in 2021, it’s important to take stock of what has changed in the market and adjust to new needs, wants and behaviours.

Lean Six Sigma is the perfect tool to help find needed changes in your organization’s processes and procedures that allow you to deliver what customers are looking for in the return to a “new” normal.

The Lean Six Sigma method includes a range of techniques for looking at processes and optimizing them for customer experience and quality. By evaluating how a service is delivered or a product is created, Lean Six Sigma practitioners can find innovative solutions that add value and maintain competitive advantage.

The most comprehensive university-based training program in Canada, Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt Learning Path has been redesigned to offer a series of stackable certificate modules, starting with the introductory White Belt and progressing to the industry’s highest standard, a Black Belt certificate for professionals responsible for managing the systems and processes in their organization.

The introductory White Belt program is a completely online program designed to give a wide-range of people and understanding of the basic terms, definitions and purposes of the Lean Six Sigma method. It will help anyone in an organization undergoing the introduction of a Lean program to understand the goals and be familiar with how their role plays a part in the overall initiative. The course, which is a pre-requisite for the higher-level belts, is available 365 days a year and can be completed at your own pace. Participants who complete the White Belt certificate and want to continue are eligible to enrol in the full Black Belt Learning Path at the lower full-program price or can choose to take individual certificates as standalone program up to the level that suits their needs.

Beginning with the Yellow Belt certificate and continuing through to the Black Belt, participants are introduced to more Lean Six Sigma concepts and methods in the virtual classroom, featuring scheduled, instructor-led sessions that provide added interactivity through the use of online video-conferencing platforms that recreate the “in-class” experience from the safety of your home office. “There was uncertainty and doubt about it at first,” says Program Director Mike Ewing, “but people have raved about the program. The response has been great.”

Each module includes access to the formal Lean Six Sigma certification exams, allowing participants to fulfill these demanding roles within their organization with confidence and credentials. The full program also carries a 126 PDUs – PMI Technical towards maintaining your Project Management certification.


The Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt Learning Path (starting April 23, 2021) is delivered in convenient two-day sessions over a period of nine months, leading to full Black Belt certification. For more information and to register, visit the program website.