Make the Move from Managing to Leading Your Sales Team

Posted on July 15, 2020
Make the Move from Managing to Leading Your Sales Team

Even the best sales managers can find it hard to keep up in today’s complex, technology-impacted business environment.

That’s why Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership program is so popular, says program director Michael Taylor, “it’s intended for people in sales who need to get to the next level, so that they have the ability to deliver what they need to.”

Outdated approaches to the sales management function won’t keep an organization competitive. The position needs leaders who are able to implement strategies that achieve both long and short-term results. A program that specifically addresses the current issues and challenges of running a sales organization can help managers transition to a leadership focus and demonstrate tangible results.

Leading an effective sales force requires a combination of hard and soft skills – everything from analyzing data and reading metrics to building relationships with colleagues across the organization and motivating staff. Behavioural insights and emotional intelligence are part of the program’s curriculum. Equally important to learn are the harder skills and tools necessary for achieving maximum sales effectiveness, such as advanced sales techniques and the use of social media to capture and analyze customer behaviour. Leaders know when to focus on details and when to stand back and see the big picture. They understand that sales management effectiveness is a balancing act of aligning strategy, people and processes.

Delivery of the program follows the principles of experiential learning, and includes interactive simulations, hands-on strategizing and the use of case studies and models. Participants can expect enthusiastic instructors who, as experienced professionals and skilled educators, are up to date with the latest technologies and use advanced, adult-oriented teaching methods. The interactive nature of the class invites valuable peer-to-peer dialogue and sharing of ideas between career-minded people from different business sectors.

For those attending the program this fall, the Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership will be offered virtually through the secure ZOOM video-conferencing platform. The program is still the fertile, collaborative learning experience that businesspeople have come to expect from Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificates. Material is presented in different formats and the schedule includes breakout sessions, interactive discussions and other engaging activities. Since the spring, Schulich ExecEd’s online delivery has received rave reviews from participants.

Delivering outstanding sales results requires strategic leadership abilities and a specific knowledge base. In today’s complex business-to-business environment, sales leaders need enriching professional development like Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership to give them an edge. The program can be completed in as little as 13 days over 3 months, or all individual modules can be completed within three years. The opportunity to improve company profits and one’s own career potential is an investment that will lead to a lifetime of value.

To register or get more information, visit the Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership program web page or contact a Schulich ExecEd adviser.