Managing demands different skills from those new to the role

Posted on February 17, 2021
Managing demands different skills from those new to the role

Becoming a manager for the first time can be daunting experience.

Many people are promoted for being successful in their staff role, only to find that managing demands a completely different skill set and a rethink of who you are as a leader. Learning about the role and the techniques managers use to get the best out of their staff is what Management 1: The New Managers Course is all about.

This program is designed for those who are relatively new to management and those moving into new areas of business. Functional specialists about to embark on a general management role will also benefit. You will hit the ground running with actionable tools and skills in order to lead others effectively.

It is also perfect for current managers with less than five years’ experience who have little or no formal management training. Leadership best practices will be taught, that will allow you to build your confidence and a complete management skill-set.

“As a newer manager, managing a very tenured, experienced team I’m finding a lot of the material that were going over is really building on a foundation that I already have,” said Sasha Antonenko, a graduate of the program (to hear Sasha’s comments, click on the photo).  “It’s touching on pretty much every aspect of a manager’s role, so it’s really quite interesting to see some of the things that others are doing differently, and the professors are really good at explaining how we can implement those things.”

One of the first challenges a new manager faces is learning to understand their personal management style and how they are seen by the people they lead. With the 360-degree style assessment that is part of the program, participants are shown how what they say and do effects people and how to modify their behaviour to get the best out of people. “I’ve been in the position for a while, so it’s opened my eyes to new techniques, new developments, just a different way of thinking about things, which is fantastic,” said participant Tom Harris.

This five-day program looks at every aspect of managing, including Leadership and Interpersonal Dynamics, Marketing Management, Strategic and Business Planning, the Financial Management Process and Performance Management – Staff and Self-Management Techniques. And the learning is unlike what you may remember from school days. “It’s fantastic, I really like it,” said Harris. “The instructors are very engaged, they roam around – it’s not the traditional school atmosphere where you’re sitting there taking notes all day long. They engage people, which is great.”

Taught by five of Schulich ExecEd’s most experienced and popular facilitators, Management 1: The New Managers Course delivers benefits that will set your career as a leader off on the right foot. It also earns you continuing education credits for professional certification organizations such as the Project Management Institute and the Human Resources Professionals Association. The next Virtual Classroom run of Management 1 begins March 1. For more information, and to view a video of participants comments about the course, visit the program web pages.