Meet Giovanni Sicilia – Account Executive

Posted on August 14, 2023
Meet Giovanni Sicilia –  Account Executive

Passion for Supporting Client Success

Meet Giovanni Sicilia, an Account Executive at Schulich ExecEd, who brings his passion for customer service and a keen eye for detail to every aspect of his work. In this interview, Giovanni shares his aspirations, industry experience, specialized skills, and success stories, highlighting his dedication to helping drive clients’ professional growth.

“As an Account Executive for Schulich ExecEd, I want to be a knowledgeable trusted resource for clients as it relates to adult learning and executive education,” Giovanni shares. He aims to provide exceptional service and support to clients, helping them navigate the diverse landscape of educational programs and maximize their potential for success.

Industry Experience and Expertise

Before joining Schulich ExecEd, Giovanni had a successful career in the hospitality industry, where he developed a deep passion for delivering outstanding customer service with meticulous attention to detail. Drawing a parallel between his past experiences and current role, Giovanni says, “I believe it’s that same passion for customer service and attention to detail that has led me to the success I’ve had so far with Schulich ExecEd.”

After making the jump from customer service to his current role in Schulich ExecEd, Giovanni has established himself in the public sector, which includes government departments at the federal and provincial levels.

His extensive industry background has equipped him with valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities these sectors face.

Reflecting on his career, Giovanni expresses pride in taking the risk of leaving an industry where he had established himself and venturing into a new field. He firmly believes in the brand and product offered by Schulich ExecEd, saying, “I believe in our brand, I believe in our product, and I’m grateful to receive all the support I’ve had so far in leading me to become a successful account executive.”

In-Demand Workplace Skills

When asked about the skills most in demand in today’s workplace, Giovanni highlights critical thinking, continuous leadership development, negotiation skills, time management, relationship management, and change management. He recognizes the significance of these skills in adapting to evolving dynamics and fostering success in the professional environment.

In terms of his specialized skill, Giovanni believes that being genuine in all interactions is his professional secret weapon. He asserts, “I’d say my secret weapon would be just focusing on being the most genuine person that I can be, being genuine in everything that I do.” This genuine approach helps to build strong relationships with clients, fostering trust and enabling effective collaboration for their professional growth.

One of Giovanni’s memorable success stories as an Account Executive involved collaborating with an HR manager from Metro Supply Chain, where he was able to use his secret weapon to his advantage. Describing the experience, he recalls, “We worked together; we collaborated on finding one of our open enrolment programs that met all of their needs and meshed well with some of their desired learning outcomes. So it was a win-win for everyone, and I’m excited to see how it turns out for them.” Giovanni’s main takeaway from this accomplishment reaffirmed the importance of being resourceful when trying to find a program that fits our client’s needs.

Professional and Personal Growth

Reflecting on his opportunity to attend various speaking engagements by Schulich ExecEd instructors, he shares, “All of them are incredibly captivating and have the power to command the room, leaving a lasting impression.” These experiences have solidified Giovanni’s belief in the high calibre of education delivered by Schulich ExecEd.

Beyond his career, Giovanni enjoys watching sports and deeply appreciates movies. When asked about his favourite film, he enthusiastically shares, “I’d say National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. That’s number one.” He finds joy in these hobbies, which provide him with relaxation and entertainment outside his professional endeavours.

Giovanni appreciates the support from the Schulich ExecEd team and management and finds great satisfaction in matching clients with programs that best suit their needs. He looks forward to continuing his journey of empowering clients and contributing to their ongoing success.

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