Retain the Best Workers with Executive Education in the On-boarding Process

Posted on September 10, 2019
Retain the Best Workers with Executive Education in the On-boarding Process

Organizations are taking a new look at improving the on-boarding experience, including executive education opportunities for new employees.

There is stiff competition for viable candidates today; it is a workers’ market. Organizations are dealing with the challenges of constant digital transformation and declining workplace engagement. Gaps in both technical and soft skills are the norm. Unfortunately, statistics show as many as 20 per cent of new hires leave or are let go from a new job in their first two months – and up to 50 per cent in five years.

Executive education has long been seen as an investment in top talent, a reward for high-performing employees and a way to fill job openings with existing in-house talent. Can it also be used as an incentive to keep new staff?

Regardless of glowing first impressions, what happens when the congenial recruitment stage is over will determine the success of a new hire. Employees must be up to speed almost immediately and show they are a good fit. Organizations need to set the right tone with new workers who in all likelihood turned down other job offers to be there.

The offer of an executive education program at this early stage is not a vote of low confidence. On the contrary, it demonstrates an employer’s readiness to invest in, and build upon, the skills and proficiencies that a new worker brings to the job already. It says, “we believe in you”.

The brightest new employees will be willing and ready to expand their skills and knowledge. After all, in this volatile business climate of constant change, the qualifications and relevant skills of today may change tomorrow. Employers are looking for a commitment to continuous learning in their new hires — a necessary orientation in today’s workplace.

By setting the stage for an environment that promotes skill development, openness to change and continuous improvement, organizations benefit by retaining top performers who demonstrate the finest qualities of performance and leadership and a willingness to reach their professional potential.