Revised program for public sector puts leadership front and centre

Posted on February 05, 2018
Revised program for public sector puts leadership front and centre

Schulich ExecEd’s masters certificate program for the public sector, which began its 2018 sessions on Jan. 22, already had an excellent reputation earned over many years as one of our most successful programs, but changes to the program last year have added to that success and increased attendance significantly.

John Allen, program director, points to several factors, not least of which was a change to the program title, Masters Certificate in Public Sector Leadership. The change, said Allen, highlighted what the program was really all about, especially at a time when the public sector is losing many experienced leaders to retirement. Replacing those people is not just a matter of hiring new people. It requires a concerted effort to challenge staff already working in the public sector to embrace their role as the new leaders in a rapidly changing environment of service demands and delivery.

The program format has also been changed and now comprises three, five-day modules, one each in the Winter, Spring and Fall sessions, making it more convenient for managers to schedule their participation and relief staff. “Strange as it may sound,” said Allen, “It’s easier for managers to get five days off than it is two days. It also provides more continuity by not disrupting the learning so often.”

One convenient scheduling aspect of the program is that participants can start with any of the three modules and continue in the program through subsequent sessions. For example, registration is open now for Module 2 and 3. Module 1 can be taken in the Winter 2019 session to complete the program. Participants can also take modules in Toronto or Ottawa, depending on their schedule.

Another reason for the program’s increasing popularity comes from making the Ontario government’s approved list of External Executive Leadership Education Programs for public service staff. The program was already well known thanks to the extensive network of participants built up over the years, but joining the list of approved – and vetted – programs available among public service training initiatives helps reinforce the message.

The Masters Certificate Program in Public Sector Leadership began its 2018 run in January but registration is still available for Module 2 (May) and Module 3 (October). The equally successful Ottawa program begins its year on Feb. 26. For more information visit the program details web page and click on “View Modules”.