Sales leadership program adds new components to enhance your management skill set

Posted on February 24, 2020
Sales leadership program adds new components to enhance your management skill set

As new technologies continue to disrupt and transform business, the need for sales leaders to up their game to keep pace is stronger than ever.

A key feature of any program at the Schulich ExecEd is continually updated program content – and this is especially true of long-standing successful programs like the Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership, one of the top programs of its kind in the country. In addition to last year’s total redesign of the content, Program Director Michael Taylor has recently added data analytics and social media components to this 13-day program designed for sales executives and managers.

One of the most impactful trends in business is the growth of data analytics as a primary tool for understanding the marketplace and customers’ needs. The program’s third module now includes a section titled, “Digital Sales Leadership – Data Analytics, Data Acquisition, Digital Transformation”. Intended as a guide for sales leaders, this program looks primarily at how new insights garnered from customer data can be used to enhance your approach and help you become a strategic partner with your customers. After a brief introduction to the different types of data available, the module then looks at how data can be used to inform your sales management strategies and improve the customer experience.

Participants will learn to define the major stages of a digital transformation program and develop strategic plans for the application of data analytics across the sales process. In addition, they will explore how customer intelligence is required for today’s selling and how to understand what is available and how to maximize all analytics for a greater and more cost-effective method of business development.

Another component of the new third module is the session on incorporating social media channels as important tools that can drive pipeline and revenue growth. The session explores why sales needs social media and looks at the traits of a successful social-selling program, including how to leverage LinkedIn and Sales Navigator for business development.

Combined with a revamped Module 1, which focuses on leadership and strategies for developing sales plans and managing accounts, and Module 2, which dives deeply into techniques for building and managing a strong team of sales professionals, the Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership is the premiere program for those who manage sales teams of any size in any industry.


For more information on the Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership (starting March 30, 2020) visit the program web page.