Schulich ExecEd Partners With the Working Women’s Community Centre and the Rexdale Women’s Centre to Upskill and Reskill Newcomer Women

Posted on August 01, 2023
Schulich ExecEd Partners With the Working Women’s Community Centre and the Rexdale Women’s Centre to Upskill and Reskill Newcomer Women

Schulich ExecEd joins the Working Women’s Community Centre and the Rexdale Women’s Centre to deliver the Digital Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer Women program.  


Schulich ExecEd is proud to partner with the Working Women’s Community Centre and the Rexdale Women’s Centre to deliver the Digital Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer Women program, hosted in Toronto. This unique and groundbreaking project aspires to help newcomer women advance their skills for the workforce, empowering them to upskill and reskill what they already learned in their home countries and providing free academic courses and resources.   

The program’s centre is the Foundations of Project Management and the Advanced Project Management courses, spearheaded by Schulich ExecEd, and launched in October 2022 and January 2023, respectively.   

“The opportunity arose for Working Women, who has always prided itself on being a pillar of the community and specifically supporting women in their goals, to partner with Schulich ExecEd and develop a program that would truly prepare women for the workforce, and, in many cases, for an opportunity in a new country,” says Nicole Soares-Nonis, Project Manager for the Working Women Community Centre.   

In Canada, newcomer women possess valuable skills, knowledge, and determination. Yet, they often encounter barriers that impede their successful integration into the Canadian job market, such as appropriate credentials, experience, and professional networks.   

“Let’s say, for example, that someone back home was in project management or a managerial position. They come here, and unfortunately, they can only secure entry-level positions,” explains Shaaista Azhar, an experienced Employment Counsellor.  

The Digital Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer Women program bridges this gap and provides newcomer women with the means of entering and advancing within the Canadian economy. In particular, Schulich ExecEd focuses on providing project management expertise, a foundational skill across many organizations. In 2023, Forbes even emphasized the importance of project management skills, considering them essential to maximizing business efficiency and creating effective strategies.    

“The focus on project management was important because it’s a foundational skill of almost all organizations. It’s a great way to manage time, manage projects, and manage people. This is a core skill that participants will be able to use across multiple sectors. And for digital fluency, there’s no surprise that everyone is becoming more digital, using different applications. We really wanted to make sure that we covered this at both a foundational level and an advanced level,” explains Stefania Gargaro, Program Manager at Schulich ExecEd.  

With 25 years of experience in teaching Project Management to professionals, Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Project Management is the longest-running and most successful project management training program in Canada. In carrying this knowledge across the workforce, Schulich ExecEd teaches project management skills at both the foundational and advanced levels, making Schulich ExecEd the ideal partner to help participants succeed.  

The Digital Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer Women’s unique programming differs from similar project management curriculums, concentrating on upskilling, reskilling, and career acceleration. The overarching advantage is that program participants receive practical expertise for post-program job applications and aid in finding these jobs.  Through academic support sessions and one-on-one employment counselling with an experienced employment counsellor, participants are guided in their job search and advised on pinpointing topics and industries of interest.    

The target audience for the Foundations of Project Management program is foreign-trained professionals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances looking to jump-start or advance their careers in a new country. One such participant is Mojisola, who came to Canada from Nigeria. After being faced with personal hardship, it was through a recommendation from a friend that she discovered the program. Mojisola was able to step into a journey of professional development and open new pathways previously unavailable to her in Canada.  

“I have been hearing about project management even back home. What is it about?” wondered Mojisola. This curiosity drove her to explore and eventually enrol in the program, hoping that the new skillset could advance her existing career in the food industry—which it did. 

“It’s been amazing so far,” shares Mojisola.  

In this increasingly digital world, fully in-person programming is quickly becoming defunct. Considering participants unable to attend classes in person, the Foundation of Project Management program is virtual, designed to accommodate existing schedules with its convenient delivery format.   

Participants also receive an authentic digital badge from Canada’s #1 business school that employers will recognize. As more and more companies look for candidates with specific skills, this badge on CVs is a credible assurance of an applicant’s achievements and expertise, allowing the right roles to find them faster.  

“We wanted to ensure that everyone had an equal playing field when walking into a work environment,” shares Stefania. “At Schulich ExecEd, we want to ensure that we provide access to education to all equity-deserving groups, sectors and professionals. As the work landscape evolves, the future of work and the success of all employees will benefit from rapid upskilling to empower them in their careers.”  

Regarding the program’s success, participant Farah says, “This program has definitely helped me to overcome challenges.” She shares that the program has eased her transition into a new country. “There is a change—there is a real change in my life.” 

To prospective participants, Farah shares this: “If you are lucky enough to be selected, I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.” 

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