Schulich IMBA grad assumes leadership of Schulich ExecEd

Posted on September 09, 2020
Schulich IMBA grad assumes leadership of Schulich ExecEd

The Schulich ExecEd (Schulich ExecEd) welcomed a new executive director Sept. 1. Schulich Dean Detlev Zwick announced earlier that Schulich alumnus Rami Mayer (IMBA ’02) would succeed Alan Middleton who retired Aug. 31.

“We are fortunate that Alan’s position will be filled by Rami Mayer, who has worked closely alongside Alan for many years,” Zwick said. “Rami…joined Schulich ExecEd in 2004, where he assumed a number of increasingly senior roles. He has been managing director for the past 10 years and, together with Alan, he has helped transform Schulich ExecEd into Canada’s largest executive education centre and a respected global provider of executive education programming.”

Dean Zwick noted that as managing director, Mayer led a team of 50 people in Canada and internationally, and worked with more than 250 national and multinational organizations with operations spanning the globe, including high-profile customers such as American Express, Toyota, Walmart, Kraft, Citigroup, Home Depot and ING Bank Global.

“I am assuming the leadership at a challenging time for Schulich ExecEd, which has been hugely disrupted by COVID-19, damage to the Executive Learning Centre at Keele campus and the economic challenges to our clients and potential participants,” said Mayer. “We join many organizations around the world who have embraced a change in mindset brought about by the pandemic and see this transition as an opportunity for innovation. I look forward to leading Schulich ExecEd through these turbulent, yet exciting times.”

Mayer has diverse international experience living and working in numerous countries, such as with Telstra in Sydney, Australia and L’Oreal in Paris, France.

His expertise in talent management, program design and international business development has ensured clients receive unique solutions that meet their organizational business and learning needs. He leads projects for a range of industries, including financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, mining, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, not for profit and the government, developing, executing and implementing various learning strategies for blue chip companies.

As managing director of the Schulich ExecEd, Rami was responsible for the development of creative training solutions that respond to client demands and are aligned to their strategic business goals. In this role, Mayer oversaw business expansion in North America and International markets: mainly into Europe and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

Mayer is also a graduate of York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (BA ’00), He has studied at Schulich ExecEd (Project Management) and the Australian Graduate School of Management. He also has a diverse background with professional experience in sales and marketing, communication and public relations and is fluent in English and French.