Short Programs Reap Long-Term Benefits for Organizations

Posted on October 06, 2020
Short Programs Reap Long-Term Benefits for Organizations

Millions of jobs are impacted as automation and AI continue to rapidly transform the workplace and the pandemic lockdown impedes the economy.

In today’s turbulent world of disruptive technologies and economic uncertainty, organizations can’t avoid the necessity of upskilling and reskilling workers. Employee turnover is costly for organizations, and the best strategy is to develop internal talent.

The challenge ahead is large, but the solution is to go small – or short, as in short 2-5-day duration programs that cover relevant and timely subjects to meet the immediate needs of employers and their workers.

Some employees have seen their job requirements change and need upskilling. Others have been displaced from their jobs due to automation and need to take on new positions. Many mid-level managers can benefit from a deep dive into emerging business and management trends, as their jobs are at least tangentially affected by them. For example, the impact of big data and machine learning is only becoming more critical. Short duration programs are ideal for these transformative times.

Some essential management proficiencies are more in the realm of interpersonal skills, like the ability to lead with emotional intelligence. Such softer skills are highly valued by employers today, as organizations have seen a decline in rapport and social connectedness that has negative consequences for the workplace. Coercive, authoritarian management styles are no longer in play, and short programs on communication, people skills, and conflict negotiation can pay dividends in productivity and employee engagement.

However random short programs are not a simple, guaranteed solution. A haphazard approach to worker reskilling/upskilling may just waste time and money. A strategic plan is needed – one that involves consultation with managers, the employees themselves and the training organization. In fact, the more of a role employees play in their individualized, professional development path, the more effective it will be. Studies show employees respond well to investment in their development, and that it enhances morale and productivity.

Schulich ExecEd is in a unique position to help organizations develop the kind of agility, diversity and creativity in its workforce that will make it stand out from the competition. As a division of a globally ranked top-tier business school, Schulich ExecEd offers Canada’s most extensive portfolio of business topics. Currently all programs are available in a convenient online format. Since the pandemic lockdown Schulich ExecEd has had tremendous success in transitioning to virtual delivery, with high praise from participants. Our top-notch faculty and focused, practical and immediately applicable programs of short duration can help your organization quickly enhance employee skills and knowledge and allow it to thrive in today’s disrupted world.

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