Supply chain expertise is now a core executive responsibility

Posted on April 10, 2018

How to manage your company’s supply chain and logistics needs has become a C-suite activity with ever-increasing global trade and technology driving change and complexity. Many people who work at solving the challenges created by these trends turn to executive education programs to keep their knowledge up to date and cope with the current disruptive business environment.

Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management is one of our most popular and well-attended programs. With cutting-edge content and expert instructors with years of industry experience, it regularly earns praise from participants whose careers are helped by this best-in-class training.

As Canada’s first comprehensive modular program for supply chain and logistics professionals, the program is integrated with and uniquely endorsed by the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) – Canada and the Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario (SCMAO).

The program was created by knowledgeable veterans of the industry and provides many benefits for the supply chain professional, including:

  • Rounding out your skill set to become a better-equipped, more effective supply chain leader
  • Taking advantage of short, convenient class modules that feature applied learning
  • Benefit from the expertise of executives at the forefront of supply chain and logistics management
  • Find solutions specific to your organization’s supply challenges
  • Share experiences and knowledge with other professionals and network among graduating colleagues

The recently completed third module of the program, “Distribution Centre Planning & Transportation Management”, looked at some of the most discussed issues in logistics, such as Distribution Centre (DC) Operations, applying modern and effective DC techniques you can use now, Domestic and International Transportation Operations and applying modern and effective Freight Management techniques.

Laurie Turnbull photoOne participant said, “[Facilitator] Laurie [Turnbull] did a great job explaining and giving examples to help with understanding” and other participants agreed saying, “It was great to hear all the industry examples from Laurie! Excellent!” and “Amazing instructor. Tons of real life stories and information. No way of getting bored of distribution during this session.”

The module content itself also drew positive reviews:

“I have a much better understanding of the role of the [Distribution Centre]… Cost savings initiative on LTL freight [and] also green initiatives are something I have never really touched on.”

“The best thing was the industry examples and experiences shared.”

“The module was direct and presented well. The information was clear, and the students were motivated.”

“Great stories! Both facilitators (Program Director Mark Thomas and facilitator Laurie Turnbull) gave great presentations and I really appreciate the experience shared. Loved the freight discussions.”

“This is excellent program for management position to have general idea about all aspects.”

“This module is great for companies with DC’s and opportunities for DC’s as well as high-volume and international shipping. It was a great learning experience.”

You can view a video about the program featuring Mark Thomas and get more information on the full program or how you can register for individual modules as a standalone course, on the program web page.