Understanding the Company-wide Role of Marketing

Posted on October 16, 2018
Understanding the Company-wide Role of Marketing

The relationship between an organization’s strong marketing strategies and revenue growth cannot be underestimated.

Gone are the days when the marketing department was an isolated entity: today all parts of an organization are involved in implementing a marketing strategy.

For these reasons, a comprehensive understanding of the marketing process for anyone who works in business is crucial. It’s more than just setting up a sales strategy and walking away; following through and fully implementing all elements of a marketing plan is necessary to ensure results.

An approach based on customer needs, and one that understands differentiation and segmentation, positioning, and defining the marketing offer are qualities developed and used in today’s competitive, high-tech world of business. The most successful marketing-oriented employee will be a transformational agent, always looking ahead to prepare for what is coming around the corner.

Click the graphic below to download a PDF of this list of the 10 Tasks of Marketing, a handy primer to the most important factors to keep in mind to grow revenue and be fruitful in the marketplace.

10 taks of marketing chart

This material has been drawn from Schulich Professor Ajay Sirsi’s book Marketing: A Roadmap to Success, and is featured in Schulich ExecEd’s upcoming program Strategic Marketing Management (Nov. 19 – 23, 2018). The program is ideal for any professional who wants to advance their strategic marketing skills and knowledge and is designed to give any leader a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental areas in the marketing process.