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About the Custom Team

  • Highly skilled and experienced in-house learning professionals
  • Over 400 professors, instructors, researchers and speakers
  • 19 Centres of Excellence specialized in specific sectors and leadership skills
  • Experience project coordinators who manage programs end-to-end
  • Consistently deliver over 200+ learning programs every year
  • Work with leading organizations in public and private sector

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Program Designers

  • Collaborate with clients on design, development and delivery
  • Conduct behavioural analyses to build programs that fit
  • Partner with faculty to customize program content
  • Manage programs from end-to-end
  • Develop custom learning architectures

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Program Coordinators

  • Take the burden off of clients by way of coordinating programs end-to-end
  • Deliver program content right to a mobile device
  • Support clients by being responsive and accessible
  • Develop and implement project plans so programs run smoothly
  • Pay close attention to details so clients don’t have to

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Digital Tools

  • Leverage digital tools to make learning ubiquitous
  • Provide learners with the convenience to access learning from anywhere
  • Introduce new tools to make learning more efficient
  • Use power business intelligence tools to provide data analytics
  • Challenge learners to leverage the tools around them


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Featured Programs

Our clients challenge us to create the most intellectually stimulating and practical programs. Here’s what’s relevant today.

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What We Do

Using our behavioural analysis process, our team develops programs that transform behaviours.

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Success Stories

A team of program designers and learning architects who develop impactful programs that anchor to your organization’s strategy.

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