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Develop Industry Valued Skills to Harness the Power of Data Analysis and AI

Most organizations are aware of the need to utilize data from their operations to gain insights into performance and support decision-making. They recognize the power of AI to automate data analysis and generate insights. However, knowing where and how to start can be challenging. Hiring tech specialists is not enough. Organizations also need skilled leaders who can connect the technology to real-world business activities and strategies.

For employers across all sectors, the window to develop or recruit people with these critical skills is right now. For current employees or potential new hires with specialist or working knowledge of key technologies, there is an opportunity to widen your skill set to harness the technology for the benefit of the hiring organization. This program will address the skill sets you need to step up to this challenge.

The Canadian Government has identified a critical shortage of skilled labor in diverse sectors such as energy generation, public utilities, finance, retail, and manufacturing, particularly in the skills needed to adopt and apply these technologies. The opportunity is now to distinguish yourself from others with a program that gives you the credentials and skills required to perform and get noticed.

This is a 6-month program taught over 3 terms (8 weeks per term) to help participants build up the 3 core competencies that are most important for future business challenges: data analytics, project management, and communication strategies. Our program offers real-world knowledge and expertise to help you turn data into valuable insights and communicate in a powerful and engaging way. Upon completion, graduates will earn an Applied Graduate Certificate (AGC) and be recognized as highly sought-after professionals.

Develop your future-ready skills today.

  • Address and create a data management strategy
  • Turn data into valuable insights
  • Apply AI for insight generation and automation
  • Identify opportunities and tie them to enabling technologies
  • Sharpen your project skills to manage implementation projects
  • Support or lead organizational changes
  • Communicate in a powerful and engaging way

Program Overview

  • 1: Introduction to Data Management

    Learn the basics of data management and how to communicate its value to your company. Uncover and discuss how data governance and ethics should drive your data strategy.


    2: Data Management and Business Strategy

    Learn how to determine the data required to meet business goals for insight generation and automation.


    3: Practical Applications of Data Analysis and AI

    Explore and identify practical applications and a variety of use cases across sectors.


    4: Identifying Opportunities

    Learn to identify opportunities and what will be required to create a practical implementation program.


    5: Data Analysis and Visualization

    Spot patterns and trends with data visualization.


    6: Data Storytelling

    Get proven techniques to present analysis, insights and recommendations in cohesive and compelling ways.


    7: Advanced Techniques and Tools

    Learn the process of deploying data analysis or utilizing existing AI tools, including considerations for scalability and performance.


    8: Practical Applications and Case Studies

    Analyze and learn from real-world case studies that highlight successful applications of data analytics and AI across different industries.

  • 1: Reinforcing Project Principles

    Learn how to create and manage an implementation plan with best practices in project management.


    2: Integrating AI with Project Tools

    Learn to work with end users of the applications to identify specific needs and new workflows. Work with tech specialists to implement the technologies to address goals and needs.


    3: Managing Project Finances

    Discover how to apply financial practices to project management and present project success.


    4: Building the Right Space for Collaboration

    Practice your best active listening skills and foster a workspace that favours diversity of thought.


    5: Making Decisions as a Team

    Articulate the vision of the project to motivate and align the team. Re-enforce the roles and tasks of each team member.


    6: Setting the Stage for Change

    Partner with stakeholder groups from initial planning. Constant re-enforcement of the organizational and project goals.


    7: Implementing New Processes

    Apply change as both a process and a skill.


    8: Reporting on Change and its Effectiveness

    Measure change and effectiveness. Report findings and present to senior leaders.

  • 1: Great Communication Strategies

    Develop your personal communication style and find the right strategies to help you communicate better.


    2: Storytelling Techniques

    Use storytelling techniques to make your communication more engaging.


    3: Practicing Impactful Communication

    Put into practice various skills and techniques that make communicators persuasive and impactful.


    4: Communicating Through Problem Solving & Get Positive Attention

    Learn strategies to capture and maintain positive attention. Master techniques to grab interest and trust through powerful introductions and emphasizing the value proposition of your message.


    5: Resolving Conflicts

    Enhance your problem-solving aptitude by embracing conflict as an opportunity. Practice clear communication to reduce confusion and enhance understanding, even in ambiguous contexts.


    6: Communicating to Senior Leaders

    Understand the differences between horizontal communication and “communicating up.” Learn to accurately analyze the business-political landscape to better achieve your objectives.


    7: Managing Optics and Perceptions

    Discover ways to build a strategic network of relationships, and how to further opportunities by facilitating conversations between unconnected parties.


    8: Integrated Communication Strategies

    Create a comprehensive communication plan for a real or hypothetical scenario, incorporating storytelling, conflict resolution, and strategic messaging.

  • Summer 2024 Dates Time
    Term 1: Data Analytics & Practical AI Applications 9/11/2024 - 10/30/2024 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Term 2: Leading Projects & Change 11/6/2024 - 1/29/2025 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Term 3: Powerful Communication 2/5/2025 - 3/5/2025 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Possible career paths:

Financial Services

Get Training in Marketable Skills

Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Business Acumen
Project Management
Change Management

What You Get

After completing the entire program, you'll receive 3 skill-based badges and an Applied Graduate Certificate from the #1 business school in Canada that employers will recognize.

As more and more companies look for candidates with specific skills, this badge on your CV will be a credible assurance of your achievements and expertise, allowing the right roles to find you faster.

Applied Graduate

Awarded when a series of more extensive courses are completed and a greater skill set achieved.

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Applied Graduate Certificate in Data and AI Driven Business Intelligence

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Fees: $3,250
Length: 3 terms of study over 6 months
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