Public Sector

January 21, 2019 risk management

Weather and climate top World Economic Forum’s list of top-10 most likely risk concerns

“The world is facing a growing number of complex and interconnected challenges – from slowing

January 21, 2019 municipal leadership

Municipal Employees Need Less Management and More Coaching and Mentoring

As the global economy becomes more competitive and unpredictable, the pressure is on municipal governments

January 04, 2019

Embracing the Smart City Without Losing Our Humanity

The goal of Smart Cities is to leverage new technologies to serve people, promote sustainable

January 04, 2019

Training in Political Acuity Can Make Municipal Governments Run Smoother

The difference between politicians and administrators is one of the great strengths of our system

December 04, 2018

Being SMART is about more than technology

The first thought most people have when they hear the term SMART Cities is of

November 29, 2018 Schulich ExecEd-China project

Sino-Canada Excellence Management Centre created to assist globalization of China’s high-speed railway

From left: Huang, Shideng – Dean of School of Economics and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University,

November 26, 2018

How to Adopt the Mindset of the Strategic Leader

Your personal leadership abilities can be improved by adopting the methods of strategic thinkers. For

October 25, 2018

Treasury Board Secretariat takes a LEAP forward in leadership with Schulich ExecEd

The Schulich ExecEd (Schulich ExecEd) congratulated graduates of the Leadership Enrichment and Advancement Program (LEAP)

October 22, 2018

Learn the Power of Strategic Planning for Public Sector Managers

No one in a position of responsibility enjoys taking stabs in the dark when it

September 06, 2018 smiling manager

Discover how to think and act strategically in the public sector

Among the most popular and highly-regarded programs at the Schulich ExecEd are those designed for

August 03, 2018

Program for municipal leaders still gets high marks from participants

Designing executive learning programs for public-sector staff demands special attention to their unique needs –

July 06, 2018 three managers

Leading Change Effectively in Government undergoes a change

In order to meet changing taxpayer expectations by delivering higher service levels at lower cost