Claire Beaulne

Change Management, Coaching and Collaboration

Claire Beaulne is a highly acclaimed bilingual instructor and speaker with a commitment to positive change in individuals and organizations. At the Schuilch School of Business, York University, she specializes in leadership development, team skills and team learning initiatives, as well as conscious career building and true success. Claire has more than 17 years of experience as a consultant, team leader, and learning specialist.

Claire’s ongoing commitment to human potential development and keen insight into successful human behaviour are evident in all of her learning sessions, keynotes and one-to-one coaching sessions. She has extensive experience delivering workshops and seminars to businesses and public sector clients across Canada. Some of the clients that she has worked with include: Bell Canada, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Desjardins Group, Nexient Learning, Pearson Publishing, Statistics Canada, Post Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Intellectual Property Office, Minto Corporation, and CIBC.