A Charismatic Manager Gets Quality Performance from Employees

Posted on September 22, 2020
A Charismatic Manager Gets Quality Performance from Employees

The rise of disruptive technologies and profound global transformations have placed an emphasis on the importance of soft skills in the workplace.

When it comes to boosting workers’ morale and productivity, one quality that has proved particularly effective for corporate managers is charisma.

There is a tendency to think of charisma as an innate quality granted to the naturally gregarious. Actually, it is defined by behaviours and attitudes that any motivated person can learn and adopt for themselves. A charismatic manager does not have to have magnificent oratory skills or be the life of the party. But they do have to speak with confidence and sincerity, engage people’s attention and connect with them on an emotional level. People want to follow them.

Here are some characteristics of the effective, charismatic manager.

A charismatic manager shares the company vision.

Senior leaders are free to write lofty vision and mission statements, but it falls on managers to guide employees to incorporate those ideals in their day-to-day work. Surveys show that workers are open to being a part of something bigger than themselves, but a company vision has to be articulated to them in the right way.

A charismatic manager is persuasive.

Particularly since the disruption caused by the pandemic lockdown, the workplace hierarchy is becoming flatter. Employee performance relies on motivation beyond just that of a paycheque or autocratic measures of reward and punishment. A charismatic leader arouses inspiration and feelings of purpose in workers.

A charismatic manager is authentic.

Training in charismatic leadership doesn’t mean pretending to be someone else or acting infallible. Presenting one’s authentic self will build the levels of trust needed for good teamwork and collaboration. When a person in authority admits if they have been wrong or says “I don’t know,” they send the message that it is okay to show vulnerability.

A charismatic manager inspires creative thinking.

With the rise of advanced technologies, repetitive, predictable jobs are no longer done by people going through the motions. In times of unpredictability, workers must be engaged and motivated in their work in order to apply innovation and think outside the box. Risk-taking cannot be discouraged.

A charismatic manager is optimistic.

Poor morale can have a devastating effect on productivity. A manager’s strong optimistic outlook will be infectious. When each day is approached with vigor and setbacks are seen as opportunities, a manager keeps a team engaged and forward thinking.

A charismatic manager has integrity.

A reputation of upholding values and acting ethically will make a manager a trustworthy leader. He or she backs up their words with actions, and demonstrates that they really care about those working under them by listening and taking concerns seriously.

Managers play a crucial role in any organization, as employee performance is greatly correlated with effective management. During this time of uncertainty and disruption, a charismatic manager can give employees a sense of security and belonging and get top results from their teams.


The topic of this article is inspired by the curriculum for the Schulich ExecEd program Successfully Managing People. This people management training program has been designed to allow current managers to develop new leadership and behaviour styles that can accommodate this changing environment.

DATE: Oct. 21-23, 2020