A Masters Certificate Can Bridge to the Future

Posted on June 10, 2020
A Masters Certificate Can Bridge to the Future

The current pandemic has made remote work, telecommuting and health protocols the norm in these uncertain times. When the containment phase ends, the disruption to the employment landscape will not be over. In fact, some of the impact will be permanent. Workers need to be prepared for the potentially volatile future that lies ahead.

Even before the pandemic, the expanding fields of automation and artificial intelligence were disrupting the global economy and the job market. Unfortunately, many in the workforce have not kept up with changing demands. The major business consultancies see potentially devastating skill gaps on the horizon, as well as a workplace crisis as employees become isolated, disengaged and alienated by a slow unraveling of their skills and knowledge as best practices in their field advance and change.

In the face of the disruption affecting the economic and business climates, organizations will value flexibility and resilience in their employees and in new hires. They will look for a range of skills more than a narrow specialization, and versatility more than experience.

A Masters Certificate is a competitive advantage that can help address these requirements in addition to giving participants capability and confidence that gets noticed. Earning a Masters Certificate demonstrates to management and peers that you possess what it takes to succeed: in-depth, leading edge subject knowledge and skills; a big-picture overview and strategic perspective; and advanced leadership acumen and capability.

Top Masters Certificate Benefits / Features at a Glance

  • 90 hours of industry, sector or skills-based instruction + capstone project
  • Convenient modular format for busy executives (2-3 day sessions over several months) that allows application of learning to current organizational challenges between class sessions
  • Extensive sharing of ideas and experiences by participants across sectors or organizations deepens and extends learning and expands your professional network
  • Participants learn from the top practitioners in the field with a wealth of expertise and insights
  • Learning is real, interactive, practical and engaging: participants walk away with strategies, tools and tactics they can apply immediately
  • An excellent balance of theory and practice teaches functional ‘hard’ skills and ‘softer’ leadership skills to develop well rounded executives
  • Many Masters Certificates offer flexible registration options: and express option to finish as quickly as possible, and a pay-as-you-go option which allows you complete the program over three years

Masters Certificate program participants say they leave with a transformed understanding of their abilities and capabilities, both professional and personal. Employers and peers say it’s clear that graduates from these intensive, hands-on learning experiences are well-equipped for their increasing professional responsibilities.

If you’re ready to bridge to your future, join a growing national network of career-oriented professionals who express their commitment, dedication and ability with a specialized university-based executive education Masters Certificate in their field.

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