Learn how to plan on having great ideas for new products and services

Posted on February 05, 2018
Learn how to plan on having great ideas for new products and services

Innovation is often imagined as a eureka moment where the innovator is inspired by something as simple as an apple falling on his head or a dramatic breakthrough after years of research – or just plain luck. But business has no time to depend on apples and serendipity. Being able to repeat moments of insight that lead to new things is crucial to leading in a competitive world of new product and service development.

Real innovation comes from incremental, planned work to answer key questions about what people want and how your business can make it or do it.

Successful New Product & Service Development & Innovation Strategies, a three-day program from Schulich ExecEd with facilitator Gerry Lubanszky, an experienced marketer and innovator, is designed to help businesses create winning innovative products and services effectively, efficiently, repeatedly and profitably. The seminar will give you knowledge of the practical steps necessary for success and the skills to immediately apply the latest techniques for effectively bringing innovative new products and services to market on a regular basis.

Participants in this program will learn innovation processes, tools and templates to use in the development of a custom strategic product and technology road map. They will also learn how to manage marketplace risk and uncertainty to reach the target segment and successfully market new products/services. Finally, the program will help you create the cross-functional alignment and product-development teams necessary for implementing product and service innovation.

For more information on Successful New Product & Service Development & Innovation Strategies, visit the program web page.

Gerry Lubanszky has more than 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing and management of the consumer packaged goods and durable goods industry in Canada. He is currently vice-president of sales and business development for Garant GP, Canada’s largest and most successful manufacturer of manual lawn, garden, maintenance and construction tools, recognized in the industry as a leading new product innovation company.