More than a title: Transformational Leadership delivers real change

Posted on December 01, 2020
More than a title: Transformational Leadership delivers real change

Even before the global pandemic, organizations were facing dramatic change due to technology and changing customer expectations in how they do business.

Gradual improvement is no longer an option and the need for more significant and far-reaching change is creating an urgent need to adapt. The Schulich ExecEd’s five-day Executive Program in Transformational Leadership sets out to challenge participants to embrace dramatic change and respond in ways that will create businesses that are built for the long term. Recent participants seem to agree that the program really delivers on its promise.

“I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about transformational leadership until I attended this course,” said one attendee. “An eye-opener and one of the most valuable programs I’ve taken.” Another participant said, “most of the new skills I picked up were indeed a transformative learning experience for me.”

Transformative change requires leaders to acknowledge that gradual improvement is no longer enough to survive. The instructors in this program drive the point home with skill and a sense of urgency. “The facilitator (Gail Levitt) was excellent,” said one participant. “She challenged assumptions and encouraged new ways of learning; it was an eye-opening experience for me.” “Wissam (Al-Hussaini) was excellent, both in pulling the class forward to the content, forcing them to challenge themselves to learn and in effectively, entertainingly presenting the content,” said another participant. Instructors Ron Babin (Disruptive Change) and Ajay Sirsi (Customer Centricity) also earned high praise for their sessions in the program.

As always with Schulich ExecEd programs, peer-to-peer learning is an essential part of the experience. As one participant noted, “discussions with the other leaders give some very good insight on the different topics which one cannot get anywhere else.”

The Executive Program in Transformational Leadership (starting May 2021) is part of the Reach Series of strategic leadership training for senior executives. For more information and to register, visit the program web page.