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Carmen Hui

May 19, 2021

Emergence: Reclaiming Your Leadership & Team Strength During Disruptive Times

In a post-pandemic world, the ability to reimagine leadership will emerge as the single most

May 04, 2021

Dynamic Strategic Planning. Is it an oxymoron?

At first, dynamic strategic planning sounds like an oxymoron; like “lead balloon” or “genuine imitation”.

May 04, 2021

Does your business have a project management culture?

Over the many years of my involvement in project management, I eventually learned that project

April 28, 2021

Learn how to survive and thrive with political acuity

Most people are wary when it comes to office politics – but what if your

April 26, 2021

360 Degree Feedback is a Powerful Leadership Development Tool

A 360-degree process is a great tool for giving leaders clear feedback from their peers,

April 26, 2021

Now is a Time for Leaders

Inspiring leaders...inspire reflection, discovery, courage and humility though emotional intelligence The coronavirus's impact on society,

April 20, 2021

COVID-19 brings challenges and opportunities in labour relations

Employers and unions have faced unprecedented challenges navigating the COVID-19 pandemic since its declaration on

April 13, 2021

How to plan for ‘eureka moments’ when you need to innovate

Many people are familiar with the Greek word “eureka” and use it to signal joy

April 13, 2021

Sales leaders need to use technology more effectively to inspire their teams

In most organizations, sales leaders develop from the ranks but, unlike the other managers who

April 13, 2021

Demonstrating Ethical Values and Behaviours is Now Urgent and Essential

A global cultural shift towards addressing economic and social injustice makes it critical for organizations

April 08, 2021

Popular Schulich ExecEd instructor ranked among Top-30 Communicators by Global Gurus

Schulich ExecEd facilitator Diana Kawarsky has been included in the “Top 30” ranking of Global

April 07, 2021

Make data your superpower by learning the language and how to share insights with your team

In mid-19th century London, a doctor used points on a map to discover the source