Prepare to Take Advantage of Upcoming Career Opportunities with a Learning Path

Posted on November 18, 2020
Prepare to Take Advantage of Upcoming Career Opportunities with a Learning Path

No business or industry sector is unaffected by accelerating digital transformation and profound global shifts.

The current pandemic is changing how people interact with each other and the technology we use. Change isn’t just something on the horizon… it is our current reality. Adjusting to the 21st century workplace is an ongoing process of updating skills and competencies.

During this time many businesses are working at reduced capacity, and it is an opportunity for career minded people to make an honest assessment of their skill gaps and seek to bridge those gaps. With the news of successful vaccine development, the economy is already slowly starting to revive. As always, companies will look for technically skilled people. But needed more than ever are empathetic leaders, proficient communicators and people with inter-personal skills. It can be overwhelming for workers strategizing to increase their competitiveness in the job market. Fortunately, Schulich ExecEd’s Personalized Certificate Programs, or Learning Paths, are an indispensable skill-building, value-enhancing educational resource.

Each program gives you the flexibility to choose different program options and set personal learning goals based on your unique situation. They are a comprehensive and cost-effective way to attain professional excellence in just three years or less. They consist of four programs taken at your own pace within a three-year period. As an added value, Learning Path participants receive exclusive program tuition savings when programs are taken in combination. After their initial program, participants receive a 10% savings on the second program and third courses, and a full 50% savings on the final program. Each Learning Path results in a Certificate of Professional Excellence (CPE) which testifies to employers and peers alike that you have bridged any gaps in your knowledge and are serious about growing professionally. Learning Paths include:

Business Operations and Innovation

Learn how to introduce lean operational processes, create strong supply chains and use effective planning tools to create lasting innovations in your organization.

Management Studies

Create a completely custom learning path that suits your unique requirements! After choosing a five-day program topic as a Foundation program, and three elective subjects, develop for career success with a focus on project management, marketing, finance, or leadership.

Public Sector Leadership

Learn strategic competencies, financial acumen plus strong stakeholder leadership and interpersonal skills to advance your career in Municipal, Provincial or Federal government.

General Management

For those who currently play instrumental roles in leading business teams, shaping organizational policy and implementing business change – go farther!

Marketing and Sales

Specially designed for marketing, product, brand and account managers with several years of experience, this program is Canada’s first and only university level certificate program that is endorsed by the Toronto Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Strategic Leadership and Planning

Get the leadership edge while developing the ability to improve your strategic skills, plus adapt your leadership and interpersonal communication style in different situations.

Schulich ExecEd has assembled these programs with 21st century professionals in mind, providing them the tools to advance their careers. So, when the door of opportunity opens, be ready to walk through it — with help from Schulich ExecEd! Download our Learning Path Guide today!