Schulich Mini-MBA continues to earn high praise from participants

Posted on November 10, 2020
Schulich Mini-MBA continues to earn high praise from participants

Participants in the latest run of the Schulich Mini-MBA just completed the portion of the training that looks at Strategy, Technology, Supply Chain and Corporate Social Responsibility and once again, the responses confirm why this program is the most popular comprehensive management program at Schulich ExecEd.

The Schulich Mini-MBA is designed to give participants a range of new skills at an advanced level in a manageable framework that suits working professionals and those who want the essentials of an MBA without the full cost.

Each program cohort is surveyed multiple times throughout the learning to ensure the modules are up-to-date and applicable to their careers.

One participant noted how much they enjoyed hearing about “trends in sustainability reporting” and highlighted the “excellent insights into the best approaches to strategic management”. Another appreciated learning about new tools “that will support understanding areas of change and needs of our customer dynamics and to find value propositions.”

Other participants were excited by the expert dive into marketing subjects and how they can explore the role of marketing in the value creation process, and how products, services and strategic branding determine your marketing mix. “Numerous tools were provided to implement new practices in our organization,” said one participant.

One of the benefits of all Schulich ExecEd programs is the peer-to-peer learning that takes place among participants from multiple sectors. One participant appreciated getting new ideas for “spinning all this learning in the not for profit environment – at times, challenging to do however, makes sense. Need a CSR!” Part of this module looks at corporate sustainability, which, as one enthusiastic participant pointed out, “isn’t just about the environment, it’s about sustaining people also”.

Schulich ExecEd also collects commentary on its facilitators to ensure their expertise is relayed using the best methods of adult training in the industry and it shows in their remarks, which range from a simple “excellent” to “this was a great grouping of presenters to have at this stage. They were all open to questions and knowledgeable of many topic areas.”

Participants are also remarking on how convenient and engaging the learning can be in the virtual classroom. “I enjoyed the online learning and the collaborative nature of the group online,” was typical of the reaction to this mode of learning.

The most all-encompassing comment came from a participant who touched on every aspect of the programs second module: “I really enjoyed gaining new and/or greater understanding of all topics, about sustainability, marketing strategy, high performing teams and supply chain. I am quite pleased with my gained knowledge. Perhaps I’ll do the full MBA. I’ve enjoyed the experience (by-product) of learning more about hosting online meetings.”


The Schulich Mini-MBA is a nine-day program (starting Feb. 18, 2021) that provides essential, current knowledge in the top 13 MBA subjects for working professionals. For more information and to register, visit the program website, or join Program Director Ingo Holziner for a webinar Nov. 25, 2020, describing the elements of this exciting learning opportunity.