The Competitive Advantage of Partnership with an Executive Education Centre

Posted on August 13, 2019
The Competitive Advantage of Partnership with an Executive Education Centre

Schools that offer executive education programs know the importance of balancing the learning goals of program participants with the needs of employers and industry trends.

Organizations know that providing employees with professional development opportunities and promoting from within is more efficient and cost effective than allowing for excessive workforce turnover. In a world where the only constant is change, even the most educated and experienced workers can find themselves needing to upskill and enrich their business knowledge.

Just as organizations accept a responsibility to their workers, executive education centres know the importance of being aware of the demands of today’s workplaces and having open communication channels with business leaders.

Decades ago, many traditional full-time MBA schools were criticized for being too student-centric and losing touch with the needs of employers. Graduates had proficiency in theory, number crunching and analytics but lacked creative thinking and interpersonal skills, such as negotiation, coaching and leadership. Schools responded by shifting focus to include skill development in areas like communication, innovation, resilience and change management.

Executive education centres followed suit and began focusing on the evolving needs of organizations. ExecEd divisions are small and agile enough to expand and change offerings promptly in response to feedback. At the same time, they keep sight of the personal career goals of adult students.

Companies, both large and small, can benefit by establishing a relationship with an educational institution, whether it is to close gaps in an individual’s skill set or for training managers organization-wide with customized programs. Smaller companies especially can upskill and compete by capitalizing on their strengths and agility by filling knowledge gaps.

A wide selection of offerings is crucial – not only in subject matter but in flexibility, whether it is in-class, on-line or blended formats. Learning can take at the school, at work, at home, or a combination of all three.

A mutually beneficial relationship with partners in different business sectors means executive education centres can build close ties and extend collaborations with employers. In today’s turbulent business environment, organizations and businesses face a skills shortage, demographic shifts, disruptive technologies and an unpredictable economy. Fortunately, they have a superb resource in the excellent professional development programs offered by an executive education centre.


The Schulich ExecEd has a complete range of flexible corporate training programs designed to meet the variety of needs of the organizations we serve, ranging from in-house delivery of our professional development programs to custom-designed solutions that meet the employee training needs of your business. To learn more about Schulich ExecEd’s Offerings for Organizations, visit our website.