Certificate in Strategic Messaging & Business Communications

Unlock the Power of Strategic Messaging and Business Communications

Are you seeking the superpower of successful communication? Well, good news—effective business communication can be learned. Our comprehensive program is designed to sharpen your communication skills, strengthen your interpersonal relationships, and level up your career.

Discover the transformative power of effective communication and grow your career with Canada’s #1 business school.

Certificate in Strategic Messaging & Business Communications

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Fees: $3,950
Length: 4 days of study over 2 weeks
Next Session: April 9, 2024 to
April 16, 2024
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Certificate in Strategic Messaging & Business Communications

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Be heard.
Be understood. Be successful

Aspiring and mid-career professionals can sharpen their communication skills in business-related settings. Perfect those interactions with colleagues, senior management, business partners, vendors, customers and more, especially for sales contexts.

Initiate and develop relationships to influence decision-making. Better prepare for important business engagements. Effectively deliver your ideas and proposals and successfully manage opposition or difficult conversations. These capabilities are even more vital in today’s remote-work world, where business leaders must communicate persuasively through virtual channels—our program is exactly what you need to keep up.

From mastering persuasive presentations to crafting impactful written messages, this program equips you with the tools to engage, influence, and inspire in any business setting.

Get Training in Marketable Skills

Emotional & Cultural Intelligence
Conflict Resolution

4 Reasons to Enrol

Perfect Your Communication

Don’t fumble those business interactions–learn to communicate, present and collaborate with poise.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Get highly sought-after skills in communication, collaboration, and business interactions, to thrive in your role or move up the career ladder.

Learn from the Pros

Train with top-rated Schulich ExecEd instructors that are consistently ranked among the world’s best.

Earn Higher Pay

Schulich ExecEd students gain the confidence, skills and perspective to attain better roles, launch new ventures, and lead their teammates.

Who Will Benefit

Aspiring Leader

New professionals eager to advocate for or advance their careers can equip themselves with the strategies, skills, and know-how to excel at their positions and master business communications. This program is ideal for emerging leaders in various sectors, including technical professionals looking to improve their communications. This program is particularly ideal for aspiring sales leaders.

Mid-Career Leader

Mid-career professionals can transform into effective communicators that drive effective decisions and motivate action in their teams. Potential program candidates include managers and supervisors aspiring for executive roles, particularly in sales roles. This program is perfect for all sectors, particularly technical fields like IT, engineering and finance professionals seeking to improve their communications.

Program Overview

  • Gain practical tips for effective verbal and written communication, all with the goal of helping influence decisions and actions.

  • Create and support messages that make emotional, memorable connections while also conveying vital information.

  • Present the foundational and advanced techniques for delivering engaging presentations.

  • Gain credibility and understanding in difficult situations to maximize business success.

  • Spring 2024 Dates Time
    Module 1 4/9/2024 - 4/9/2024 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Module 2 4/10/2024 - 4/10/2024 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Module 3 4/16/2024 - 4/16/2024 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Module 4 4/17/2024 - 4/17/2024 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Charmaine Moules,

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What You Get

After completing the Certificate in Strategic Messaging & Business Communications, you'll receive an authentic digital badge from the #1 business school in Canada that employers will recognize.

As more and more companies look for candidates with specific skills, this badge on your CV will be a credible assurance of your achievements and expertise, allowing the right roles to find you faster.


Provided upon completing a longer program that may comprise several badges signifying a more extensive skill set.

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