These Techniques of Persuasion Can Make You A Better Communicator

Posted on October 22, 2018
These Techniques of Persuasion Can Make You A Better Communicator

You don’t have to work in a communications department to know that communications skills are critical to success in the workplace. As your career progresses and you gain more responsibility, work relationships intensify. Having good intentions and ideas doesn’t amount to much without the persuasive skills to get people on your side, be understood, and allow for your ideas to be implemented or merged with others.

How does one gain influence in the professional arena? The keys to excellence in communication can be learned through techniques of storytelling, active listening, asking the right questions, honing verbal and nonverbal communication skills and learning persuasive techniques. Many of these techniques are used in influential advertising and marketing campaigns. The same principles can be employed by individuals to assert themselves in the social and business worlds.

If you want to build a professional image and improve your work relationships, learning tools of persuasion and influence can help. Take a look at the downloadable pdf below that summarizes some well-known tactics.

This material has been drawn in part from Schulich ExecEd’s upcoming program Certificate in Critical Communication Skills (starting Nov. 26, 2018).

The program is designed to develop the skills and confidence to communicate more effectively and be more persuasive in any situation, written or spoken.