Leadership skills backed by science, explained by a top speaker

Posted on March 05, 2018
Leadership skills backed by science, explained by a top speaker

Dalton Kehoe is one of the most popular instructors at York University and was routinely voted one of the best teachers in his communications programs and executive education programs. He was also chosen by TVOntario as one of the best lecturers in the province, so it’s no surprise that participants in Schulich ExecEd’s Mindful Management: The Neuroscience of Leadership program were equally fulsome in their praise.

“Dalton is a great facilitator who always has the pulse of the class,” said one member of his latest group. “He is not afraid to stray from content to address concerns of the class.”

“Dalton is very knowledgeable in this subject area and passionate,” said another recent participant. “His examples and way of conveying information made the program both very informative and enjoyable. I have learned very helpful concepts that I can take back and apply to all of the relationships in my life. Thank you!”

Dalton Kehoe explains the how neuro-science helps leaders lead better

Neuroscience research shows that our need to “connect” is as essential as our physical need to survive. The Mindful Management program teaches you how both parts of our mind work together – the fast, intuitive Emotional mind, and the slower, more logical Rational mind. This informative session presents techniques to build lasting leadership connections and trust with your staff, management and clients.

“I have taken other leadership programs in the past, the difference with this program is it brings in the neuro-science behind the leadership techniques – better insight into understanding what we as human being need to connect with others,” said one class member.

“One of the best programs I have had the pleasure to participate in,” said another participant. “The mind and body appropriation awareness and understanding how the brain works will help me in daily interactions.”

Mindful Management: The Neuroscience of Leadership is a two-day program starting April 9. For more information and to register, visit the program web page. Enrol today!