Learn online while you stay at home

Posted on March 25, 2020
Learn online while you stay at home

Schulich ExecEd has made adjustments to its schedule of programs during the COVID-19 health emergency.

Many of our regularly scheduled programs are being delivered online, allowing participants to continue their program modules and short programs from home. We are moving quickly to convert more of our upcoming programs for online delivery and registration is still open for many of them.

We recently completed three program modules which were delivered online.

  • Management 1: The New Managers Course
  • Schulich Mini‐MBA Session 3
  • Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Module 10 (Final)

One participant in the Schulich Mini-MBA online session was surprised at how well it came across after being put online so quickly: “I was amazed at how productive this program was, taking advantage of the capabilities of Zoom, to the point that I am also drawing on the learnings of how to use Zoom back to my organization. The [virtual] breakouts were very helpful for keeping energy levels up, absorbing and applying the learnings and for getting to know the fellow classmates.” Another participant said they were very satisfied. “Ingo [Holzinger, program director] and all instructors did phenomenal job, very impressed.”

Module 4 of the Masters Certificate in Healthcare Management: Leading Change and Innovation is also scheduled for online delivery.

Other programs that were scheduled for Spring 2020 are being rescheduled to the Fall. If a program has been rescheduled, the next available program date will appear on its web page.

Program Registration is still open

For Masters Certificate Programs already underway, upcoming modules will be delivered online and new participants can still register online. Other regularly scheduled programs and standalone modules of Masters Certificate programs have been converted for online delivery and are open to new registrants.

For a list of available programs, visit the Virtual Classroom and Online Learning web page.

To register for any Schulich ExecEd program online, visit the program web page.