Meet Joanne Di Ciaula – Senior Education Advisor

Posted on July 17, 2023
Meet Joanne Di Ciaula – Senior Education Advisor

Meet Joanne Di Ciaula: A Senior Education Advisor Dedicated to Empowering Professionals.

In the world of executive education, the role of an Account Executive is vital in guiding business leaders and organizations toward selecting top-tier leadership programs. Joanne Di Ciaula, a Senior Education Advisor at Schulich ExecEd, is a remarkable individual who is deeply committed to helping professionals achieve their career goals and drive business success. In this interview, Joanne shares her passion for education, her career journey, and the significant value she brings to her clients through her expertise.

Joanne Di Ciaula’s personal aspiration as a Senior Education Advisor is rooted in her passion for assisting business leaders and organizations in selecting high-quality leadership programs. Joanne believes that equipping professionals with the right skills and knowledge is essential to achieving their goals and ultimately driving business results. By leveraging her expertise, she is committed to empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Industry Experience and Expertise

Throughout her career, Joanne has been involved in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and public service. Her experience within these sectors has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities they present. Joanne’s domain-specific knowledge allows her to offer tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each industry, which in turn maximizes the value her clients receive.

Before joining Schulich ExecEd, she gained invaluable experience in higher education with a prominent publishing company. Given her background, transitioning to the role of helping business leaders and organizations select the most suitable programs for their professional development was a natural progression for Joanne. Her wealth of experience and passion for education make her a perfect fit for her current role.

Joanne has personally experienced the transformative power of executive education through her participation in the Winning Sales Strategies program with Sanjay Dhebar at Schulich ExecEd. She emphasizes the high calibre of facilitation and the exceptional content delivered by Sanjay, which made her learning experience both interactive and enjoyable.

In-Demand Workplace Skills

According to Joanne, “the skills most in demand in today’s workplace include innovation, digital transformation, strategic thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving.” Recognizing the evolving nature of the business landscape, Joanne highlights the importance of developing these essential skills to thrive in the current professional environment.

“I think my most specialized skill is communicating, listening to all aspects of the client’s experiences and goals so I can properly assess their needs and recommend suitable learning paths,” Joanne explains when asked about her secret weapon. By establishing a genuine connection with her clients, Joanne fosters trust and facilitates their professional growth effectively.

One of Joanne’s most memorable success stories as a Senior Education Advisor involved supporting an unemployed client seeking training to re-enter the workforce. “Based on the client’s previous experience and future goals, I recommended the Masters Certificate in Project Management,” Joanne explains. After successfully completing the program, her client actively pursued job opportunities, and during an interview, the hiring manager was impressed by the completion of the prestigious Masters Certificate at Schulich ExecEd. 

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